Monday, March 24, 2008

Not Dying? Then Wait ‘Til Monday.

Friday morning Anna went to an international adoption clinic for her big coming-to-America checkup. When she got home around lunch time, the phone rang and it was the clinic. Some concerns had come up about a chest x-ray and we were told to go the hospital to have them look into things. It was now Friday afternoon – Good Friday at that. Anna was not dying. We should have waited until Monday to go to the hospital.

Over the 78 hours we were at the hospital we had three different doctors, one resident, four nurses, and evidently a lot of substitute lab workers. Painful procedures were performed on Anna to extract sputum to send off for lab work. The labs were then lost or not ordered properly and had to be repeated multiple times. On Monday when I finally came to the conclusion that it was time for us to leave even though the reordered lab work was not back yet, I had a hard time convincing other people until I found this argument.

CrazyD : Suppose the lab work comes back positive. What happens then?

Nurse or Resident : We prescribe this drug and you can go home.

CrazyD : Suppose the lab work comes back negative. What happens then?

Nurse or Resident : We prescribe this other drug and you can go home.

CrazyD : So here is a good idea. We will go home now and whenever you get the labs back, you call and let me know which prescription we should have.

Nurse or Resident : Ahh. That makes sense. But we can’t send you home. Only the doctor can do that.

Problem was doctor #3 did not come to see us on his Monday morning rounds. I got the resident to page him. Then I got the nurse to page him. Then I got our nurse from the day before to page him. Then I stood in the center of a busy hall looking like I was lost. Everybody who saw me would stop and ask if I needed help. I said yes, I am looking for Dr. SoAndSo and they would run off and try to find him.

At 2 pm the doctor finally showed up. He was nice and if the circumstances were different, I think I would have liked him. I went through my argument about going home and he said no. More sputum samples were lost and he wanted to collect two more and wait for the results of a particular lab which should be ready soon since it was sent in on Friday. I was not happy, but there was nothing I could do. CrazyMom went home and I prepared for another night in the hospital.

Well, a few hours later the doctor came back with a nurse. The doctor had called to find out when he could expect the lab that was ordered on Friday that he wanted back before he would release us. Turns out it was also lost. He had to get another sputum sample to send in, but he did not have the heart to have us wait in the hospital for 2-3 days for the lab work to get done. So Anna, who was by now at the end of her rope, went through another sputum extraction and then we came home.

As I write this now Anna is sleeping in her own bed for what will hopefully be a full night's rest without any nurses taking her vitals. In the future, I hope to provide expert care for Anna by never taking her to the hospital on a Friday, unless she is dying.


Angel said...

That is RIDCULOUS!!! How awful. I always hear the WORST stories of hospitals over the holidays. I am serious. I just pray I never have an emergency on a major holiday. YIKES! You poor things. Angel

Amy said...

We had a minorly bad experience over a Good Friday weekend awhile back now,but nothing compared to what your family did....praying for her to feel better soon!

Norah said...

Oh that poor baby girl. How terrible! So sorry this had to happen.

Sherry said...

Wow, what an incompetent hospital. I am glad you left...and you probably shouldn't go back to that one ever. What a disgrace!

I am praying that all is well with Anna, poor baby girl with everyone forcing her to hack up a lung.

CrazyD said...


Actually, it is a great hospital and we have been there many times before. Just turns out that you should not be there over a holiday weekend. . .