Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Journal Entry

(Editor’s note: Here is a journal entry from Miss Bookworm. She wrote it while we were in Ethiopia and another family with seven kids was at our house watching our six kids.)

Things around here have been hectic. But it’s been fun, too. We have had lots of music and dancing and singing.

I also think that we’re going to try to talk to my parents and Anna today in Ethiopia. Anna is so cute; I can’t wait for all of them to come home.

I really would like to go to Ethiopia and see how they live, and try to help. I like how they use their resources and admire how they are strong and not idle. I think it would be fun to learn their language and to be able to communicate with them with their own language. I wish to let them know that God loves them, and that they do have a purpose in their life on earth.

What has really set me off about this is the Ugandan Children’s Choir. I saw their faces and realized how much they loved God. I also saw that they wanted others to share their joy of having Jesus in their heart and lives.

It’s amazing how active they were on stage. They were a ball of energy, dancing and singing. As I stared at them I wished I could be up there with them, I wished I could know them. They were so eager to share their joy with others; it was amazing.


Kris Long said...

Hectic, huh Miss Bookworm? Hey, I thought I ran a tight ship! You got your journal entry done didn't you???

I had a blast with you and your sibs. And I loved all the music, singing, and dancing.

Thanks for having us.

Sherry said...

Nice entry! It is always amazing to me to see people that really have no reservations about praising the Lord!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! What a great family!! You are amazing. I plan to pass your blog on to our Rwanda team, most of whom you met in Dulles.

Will you please email me your mailing address, as I want to send you something.
Fred Ogden