Thursday, March 13, 2008

Off to America

We get to leave tonight for America!  We are all very excited.  Anna keeps asking, "America?" because yesterday we told her "neggay" for tomorrow.  Then today she kept saying "ahoon" and we assumed that it meant today and so we agreed.  Anna's attitude was going south and we figured out that "ahoon" means now, not today.  We eventually had to track someone down to explain to her in Amharic that we would not leave until after supper.  I think we have it all straight now.


The big event of the morning was going to get Anna's hair done.  The shop across the street from the Ritmo braided her hair (as you can see above).  They did not speak English so we made some hand gestures and then sat back to what would happen to her hair. It turned out great, of course.  They charged $25 Birr plus we gave them a $5 Birr tip.  That is about $3 USD.  Well worth the price.


This will be our last post until we get back to the states.  Until then, chow.


Norah said...

Her hair came out beautiful. Have a great flight home. Can't wait for a home update!

Sherry said...

YAY! I will pray for a safe and uneventful trip. Her hair looks great, and what a deal! If you would, let me know the name of the place that did it. :)

Sean said...

We can't wait to get you all home!!!

Diane G said...

We are all waiting for you and cannot wait to see Anna!

SupermomE11 said...

I just want to say YAY!! We are so excited for you guys. It was wonderful to meet you and your beautiful Anna in person and I can't wait to talk with you once you are home. I hope you have a smooth trip.

Hugs and love,
Erin and crew