Saturday, March 8, 2008

Going Away

Anna started her day with a bath.  The above photo is just after her bath when she was sitting on the bed.  She was getting all cleaned up for the big event of the day which was a going away party at K.M. with some other families (more about that in the next post).


After the going away party there was lunch on the town.  Anna had a little fit over sharing her ice cream that comprised of no noise at all but a continual shrugging of the shoulder with her head turned.  Another mom with us had a hard time not laughing because of how cute it was.


After lunch it was back to the guest house for another parting of ways.  An adoptive family that has been at the guest house ever since we arrived was leaving for America.  It was great getting to know them and it seems a little too quiet at the house now that they are gone. 


We will not be posting for a day or two because we will be traveling out of town and will not have internet access.  We will catch you up when we are back in Addis.

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Diane Guiett said...

Anna will be in for a big surprise when she comes home--you may all come home to MUCH snow! Blizzard time in Ohio!