Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One of Those Days

The valley on a different ride.
It was one of those days that I had missed while away at college in the States. A scintillating blue sky allowed the sun to catch the red and brown hues of the dirt from which the stately forms of the acacia trees rose to make an altogether picturesque scene.

My family and I were enjoying this day – my first day home – by taking our pikis, or dirt bikes, for a spin in the sand pits. While the sand pits lack sand, they have an abundance of well-packed dirt that is easily shaped into a series of jumps and ledges, providing an excellent place to challenge our technical skills on the bikes.

We had spent an hour or more seeing who could get the most air under their tires when we decided to call it quits. Ed and Buddy had decided to take one last spin when Ed disappeared over a small ledge.

Crazy D and I were considering this situation, trying to decide whether it was reason for concern. We heard a piki motor still running, but try as I might I could make out only one roar when there should have been two.

After a few seconds, Buddy appeared and rode toward us, shouting that Ed had gone down hard. Crazy D and I took off, heading for the ledge from which Ed had disappeared. I spotted her first and ran over to see the piki lying on its side in front of a tree, with Ed a few feet away. I saw no blood, so decided to right the piki to keep the gas from spilling out while asking Ed if she was OK.

The shakiness in her voice when she replied, “yes,” that she was OK, indicated to me that she was not. Crazy D appeared on the scene and determined that Ed was OK, except that her arm hurt. Our attention then turned to the unfortunate tree that had served as an unwanted brake to the piki. The trunk was stripped of its bark.

As we made our way back to the car, it became more and more evident that Ed’s arm may be broken. After many hours in the Kijabe Hospital, it was concluded that it was not broken, but that she had ruptured a tendon in her wrist and would need a hard cast for four weeks.

Additionally, the front tire of the piki is so badly bent that it takes a lot of force to get it to turn a full revolution through the forks.

So much for that perfect day.

The good news is that Ed will likely be able to play for the first game of the soccer season next term. As for the piki, we are fortunate to be having some family come out from the States who can bring us a new wheel.

It was just one of those days.