Teaching Life

Currently I am a computer science and math teacher at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya.  Before teaching at RVA I taught for 18 years at Columbus Academy in central Ohio. 

Class Websites - Free Online AP* Computer Science Courses!
    Honors Computer Science 1
    Honors Computer Science 2
    (now dormant) Comp Sci at CA

TeacherTalk video talking about collaborating in the classroom

School Newspaper Article
    The ”New” Computer Science Room: Collaboration Required

Blog About Teaching with Technology
    Teched Up Teaching

Video Channels
    YouTube Channel (variety of fun video mostly related to my teaching life)
    Vimeo Channel (video lectures)

 Awards and Presentations

2011-2012 National Association of Independent Schools "Teacher of the Future"
    Article related to being named a NAIS "Teacher of the Future"
    Columbus Academy's Daubenmier named 2011-12 'teacher of the future'

McElroy Master Chair in Mathematics at the Columbus Academy

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Educator Award
    About the program

Lessons Learned from Making Video Lectures and Course Materials Available 24/7
Presentation at the 2012 Midwestern Regional Forum for the CollegeBoard
  • Description: Does posting videos of classroom lectures make a difference? Will students go back and watch them? Is this something that you can do on your own? For the last two years, we have been making resources available online, including homework assignments, sample tests, answer keys and videos of lectures in both AP and non-AP courses. Participants will learn how these resources are being made available; review an analysis of student usage; hear student and teacher reflections; and discover one model for doing this in their courses.
  • Speakers
            Mark Daubenmier, Teacher, Columbus Academy, OH
            Dan Olexio, Teacher, Columbus Academy, OH