Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sodo Ethiopia

Several readers have inquired about Sodo (or Soddo as we sometimes see it spelled). I have created a web album of pictures taken in the town of Sodo. If you are going to stay in Sodo, I reccomend that while you are in Addis you go to the Bekele Molla hotel office and make reservations so that you can be sure to get a room in the best hotel in town. Here is a slide show.

Here is a link to the online web album in case the slide show does not work for you.

Sodo Ethiopia


Kurt and Kayla said...

I would love to get a copy of these pictures. I think it would be good for our daughter to have since that is where she is from.

Sherry said...

What a great photo album! Thank you for sharing.

shell said...

My boys are from Soddo and we have very few pictures from there. I love looking at these, wondering if the people walk by are their relatives, if the houses were theirs, if they ever walked those roads. Thank you for sharing.

CrazyD said...

Hi Kurt and Kayla,

I think you can download the pictures from the web. If you click on the second link you can see more than just the slide show and when viewing a photo you can download it. If this does not work for you, send me your physical address at welovebigfamilies at gmail dot com and I will mail you a CD.


Diane Guiett said...

Thanks for the visual presentation. It helps to put things into perspective.

Martha said...

We are leaving in 2 days to go to Soddo and were wondering if we get in at 9 pm and want to head toward Soddo the next morning, how do we make reservations at this hotel since we won't have time to go to an office to make them? Thank you, Martha

CrazyD said...

Hi Martha,

I am not sure how you would contact them directly. I think that our driver who was fluent in English and Amharic would have just called the hotel in Sodo if he could have. Instead, he took us to the office. They did place a call from the office to Sodo, so I know that hotel has a phone number. If you could get that number and a translator, you could try to make the reservation yourself. That might be hard to pull off after 9pm, however.

Hope you are able to work things out.


Tamara B said...

Searching Sodo and ran across this post. We adopt from that area one year ago. My husband and I are returning in 2 weeks to serve with an organization called FOVC ( We'll be staying the night in Soddo and travelling out to Shanto (Sidama region) for our days. Since my son is from there, I'm trying to figure out how far away we'll be from his birth mom. Are there many hotels in soddo? Would love to hear from you tam4buit at hotmail dot com.

tamara b