Friday, February 12, 2010

Buddy’s Pickle Lightning

When Buddy’s science teacher announced that each student was going to have to do a science demo, Buddy knew instantly what he wanted to do. He had seen a chemistry teacher do a demo over the summer and he wanted to try it. It combined two of his loves in one demo – pickles and fire. Unfortunately, it was not a demo that was safe to do at school, but the teacher agreed that he could make a video of the demo and show that to the class. Here is the result.

This video sheds some light on the type of interesting fellow Buddy is. He certainly likes electricity, fires, and all things mechanical. If you go to throw away a piece of trash and it is made of plastic, metal, or wood then Buddy will ask if he can have it. Every nook and cranny in his room (as well as every horizontal surface) is crammed with these “supplies” for future creations.

One such creation came on a recent snow day when he built a basketball hoop. He then strapped it to a pole in the basement and the kids had a good time playing indoor basketball.

If you are familiar with “The Encyclopedia of Immaturity,” then you are familiar with our son. The other day he came to me with a glue stick and a paper clip because he needed some help. Here is the result.

Now while I could live without the fake impaling of a paper clip, it certainly is a lot of fun to live with a kid whose mind is always running in creative ways.