Sunday, October 23, 2011

Banned Birthday Cookies

“To Mr. CrazyD,

Please do NOT eat these cookies. It is my birthday. They are for my friends at soccer.

Thank you,


I was about to enjoy a just-before-dinner snack when I noticed the above note taped to the top of the lid that I was holding in my hand. I had just come home from work and found a container of CrazyMom’s chocolate chip cookies on the counter.

It was one of those crisis moments in my life. A thousand thoughts flashed through my head – nobody is around – but they are her birthday cookies – but I bet there are enough – but what if she ends up a cookie short at soccer practice?

Ah, the dilemmas we face in life.

After one more delicious whiff, I reluctantly put the lid back on the container.

F.G. protecting her last two birthday cookies.
“F.G.,” I said on the way to soccer practice. “If somebody asks you for a second cookie, you had better tell them no or I won’t let you play in the next soccer game,” I said it my most serious tone, which, unfortunately, is also my teasing tone.

“But what if the coach asks for a second cookie and I don’t give it to him? Maybe he won’t let me play then,” said F.G. with a grin from ear to ear.

“Either way you lose,” chimed in Ed. “You might as well make dad happy instead of coach.”

“He will let you play,” I reassured F.G. “He is not as mean as I am.”

When I pulled up after practice to pick up F.G., the coach came up to the car to let me know how much he enjoyed finishing off the cookies.

Good thing for F.G. he was just kidding.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Crazy Mom’s Ways

“Look, there’s a rest area in one mile. Anyone have to go to the bathroom?” avid-coffee-drinker CrazyMom asked. CrazyMom, Miss Bookworm, Ed and I were in the car headed to Taylor University for the day for our 20-year reunion.

“No,” came the response from everyone else in the car.

“Are you sure? We won’t be stopping for another hour and a half,” avid-coffee-drinker CrazyMom said.

“I’m fine,” said each of the girls.

“Well, maybe we’ll pull over anyway,” said CrazyMom as she migrated to the right lane to exit at the rest area.

When we have seven children in the car, CrazyMom can hide the fact that we need to stop for a bathroom break because of her since there is always a child that has to go. But when there are just a few of us in the car, it is a different story.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Otherwise I Would Have to Play by Myself

Anna with one of her friends.
“Anna, you sure make friends easily,” Grandpa was saying as he left an older kid’s soccer game with her. Instead of watching her sibling’s game, Anna had made a new friend and played with that friend the whole time. Grandpa, like most people we know, was amazed at how social Anna is and how she can make a friend (child or adult) wherever she goes.

“Well, I have to be able to make friends,” Anna replied. “Otherwise I would have to play by myself.”

The logic is so simple I am sure she was wondering why Grandpa could not have figured it out for himself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too Small to Ignore - Another Free Book!

First of all, congrats to last week's winner of "One Million Arrows."

This week we are giving away the book "Too Small to Ignore" by Dr. Wess Stafford who is the president and CEO of Compassion International.  Another good book to cause us to reflect afresh on the importance of each child around the world.

Special note to all of my Canadian blog readers:  Yes you may enter to win!  I will ship you the book even if you live in Canada.  :-)

Note: This form is no longer available since this drawing is now over.

Anna in the Rain

Last Saturday was a very windy, cold, and drizzly day.  Despite the weather conditions and despite being dragged all over town to different soccer games, Anna still managed to enjoy herself.  She is certainly one happy child.