Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best Wife I’ve Ever Had

CrazyMom is by far the best wife I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, this compliment is lost on her. She is so quick to point out that she is the only wife I have ever had and then she acts all put off and stuff.

Now, this brings up something I just don’t get about women. Women have this intuition thing going that is almost like omniscience. One time I brought a poinsettia into the house and presented it to CrazyMom. “Who gave you that?” she asked. “I got it for you,” I replied. “No really, who gave you that?” she asked again. How did she know that someone at work just gave it to me? I just don’t get how women can do this.

But how can CrazyMom intuitively know everything except that when I say, “You are the best wife I’ve ever had” that I am really complimenting her because of something she just did. I guess women have selective intuition. It must be something like when CrazyMom says I have selective hearing.

Today’s reason that CrazyMom is the best wife I’ve ever had is because of this. I left directly from church to go work at a rental trying to get it ready to rent while CrazyMom took the crew of seven kids home to feed them lunch. While I was chain sawing limbs, painting, and building screen frames CrazyMom was playing soccer in the yard with the kids. I got home 15 minutes before I had to leave again to take two kids to get their team soccer photos taken. Deciding a hot shower would be more rewarding than supper, I headed upstairs. As I was finishing getting dressed, CrazyMom came in the bathroom with a plate of food which I ate as I walked downstairs to get the keys. I grabbed the keys and as I was walking out the door CrazyMom handed me a glass of lemonade to drink on the way. When I emerged from the house I saw both kids dressed in their uniforms standing by the car waiting for me.

I thought, “Man, CrazyMom is the best wife I’ve ever had.”

P.S. On a different note – I should say something about how dumb-smart I am. There was a split tree at the rental and standing on the back of the truck I could not reach quite high enough. So I cut off what I could, but there were still several feet of this good-sized limb hanging from the tree. If I was dumb, I would have just left it hanging there and in a year or two it would have fallen on somebody or something. If I was smart, I would have brought a ladder back with me next time I came to the rental and cut it down. Since I am dumb-smart, I figured if I backed my truck up just right, I could stand on the roof and hold the chainsaw over my head with my left hand while pushing the hanging piece of limb with my right hand so that when it fell it would not land on the truck. It worked great – I did not fall, I did not cut myself, and the limb did not land on the truck. Oh, one more thing. When the one end of the limb fell onto the ground the other end then hit the side of the truck and put a big dent in the door. Now that is what I call dumb-smart.

P.S.S. While I was writing this post, CrazyMom brought me some warm homemade apple crisp with milk poured over it – just like I like it. I’m telling you, she is the best wife I’ve ever had!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the lights come on

We have been without power for the last three days in our house as a result of the remnants of hurricane Ike passing through town. There is so much I could tell, but here are a few random happenings.

We lost our favorite tree in the front yard and it took out a large section of our second favorite tree on the way down. The sense of loss that I felt over the trees was mixed with a real sense of appreciation that I was 1200 miles from where Ike came ashore. The Ike/Texas photos that I had so quickly passed over in the paper from earlier days I now found myself lingering over and feeling a bit more compassion for those affected by the hurricane.

There is nothing like a day off school for the kids with perfect weather. The kids had a grand time cutting off branches from the downed tree, hauling it all to the back yard, and then making a fort. You can’t plan any better fun than that.

Necessity is the mother of invention. CrazyMom was bummed because the power went off before she could cook the homemade lasagna that she had thawed out. We ended up grilling it. We put it on the grill with a pan beneath it and then regulated the temperature just like an oven. It worked great.

It is hard to wait for the sun to come up to start your day. This morning I got up, retrieved the paper, warmed some coffee on the gas stove, and then settled back into bed to read the paper to try to find out how long it would be until we got power. CrazyMom thought it was pretty funny and took a picture of me with my four candles and lantern. Who knew that those monks who lit a ton of candles in their monasteries actually needed them all to see well enough to read?

So after three days of no power, we returned from a soccer game to find all of our lights on. Now it is back to the same old routine of hollering at the kids all of the time to turn the lights off.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And the numbness fades away . . .

Life is finally settling back down to our normal crazy busy schedule. I like crazy busy. I may be running all of the time, but I can still get all of the important stuff done. I don't like super crazy busy. Super crazy busy is when I am standing in a hallway at work later than I should be with CrazyMom on the cell phone reminding me that I am missing dinner with the family, with someone at the end of the hall waiting to meet with me, and with my own stuff not done. I stand there with a knot in my stomach knowing that it is my privilege today to be a second rate father, a second rate husband, and a second rate employee.

But then Dory from Finding Nemo reminds me what to do. "Just keep swimming."

So I swim, stuff gets done, life improves and the numbness fades away . . .

But in the end I am not sure that it is the busyness of my schedule that leads me into or out of numbness. Rather it seems that is has to do with whether or not I am nurturing my relationship with God who brings my soul to life. When life gets super crazy busy my natural instinct is to burn the candle at both ends to get it all done rather than to rest in God. Maybe next time I will remember that which I have learned so many times in the past.

It is vain for you to rise up early,
To retire late,
To eat the bread of painful labors;
For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.
(Psalm 127:2, NASB)