Monday, November 28, 2011

When Lending a Hand Isn’t Helpful

The other day I heard particularly bad music coming from the piano in our living room. While we don’t have a Mozart in our home, our children normally play better than what I was hearing. When I went to investigate, this is what I found.

Despite the fact that our soccer seasons are long gone, our soccer injuries live on. Miss Bookworm had surgery the other day on her wrist to sew back together some torn cartilage. Ed was still complaining about her ankles so we sent her to the doctor and she came back with a wrist brace since her thumb could do things that no thumb with all ligaments attached ought to be able to do. We are hoping that things will heal without her going to the operating room as well.

So, piano playing is out for both of them – or so I thought. Wanting to still work on their Christmas music, they got together and each played with their good hand. Although they work well together in many different ways, I think that doing a duet on a solo piano piece is not one of those ways.

At least they can still play soccer.

[Note: When I had the girls sit down this morning so I could take a photo for this post, they played “Carol of the Bells” and it sounded particularly good. I guess a little practice goes a long way!]