Saturday, August 23, 2008

Numbed by Life

I printed off our monthly calendar the other day and after it rolled off the printer a second page came out. The second page listed all of the overflow items that did not fit into the tidy squares on the calendar. Needless to say, life is really busy right now.

There is me trying to get ready for teaching school and CrazyMom trying to get ready for teaching home school. There is having our kids on five different soccer teams. I am turning over a rental and teaching Sunday school. Then there is the impending family trip over Labor Day.

All of it has just left me numb. I smile on the outside, but life is joyless on the inside.

I admit that I have a full life and I am often operating at maximum capacity. Usually it is OK but then I hit a stretch of a week or two when it is just too much. There is nobody to blame but myself. Philosophically, I know God only gives me enough to fill my plate and it is me who adds the other stuff to make it too full. I just have a hard time knowing what things to say no to.

As I mechanically go through my days I have not lost hope because my calendar shows me things will ease in about two weeks. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

This makes me reflect on those who have real problems. Problems that suffocate you for which there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Problems that numb you to the core and make life a hopeless blur. As Ethiopia’s food crisis continues in the very region our children are from, faces come to my mind - faces of mothers trying to find food for their children in a dry and weary land.

My numbing stretch will pass in a matter of weeks. Their numbing stretch will last much longer. And when it does pass, will it be too late for their children?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visiting GrandpaR and GrandmaR

Every summer we travel to visit grandparents. While Anna has already met GrandpaR and GrandmaR, this was her first visit to their house in the country. Splitting wood, hunting toads, and making applesauce were all new activities to watch or participate in. Being a highly social child, Anna also enjoyed meeting new uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Here are a few photos of the trip.

Ed playing in the wood pile.

Anna finally agreed to hold her first toad. "He tickle me!" she said.

GrandpaR will split wood by himself so he made a hydraulic lift for the back of his tractor so he can drop the big logs in the perfect spot to split them. Here you can see him backing a log into the splitter.

CrazyMom discovered Buddy and Miss Bookworm in the yard one day reading. They had hauled chairs and a table to a shady reading spot. They also had their bucket of baby toads close by in case the toads would need anything.

GrandmaR showing Anna some photos.

We spent one of the afternoons playing all sorts of water stuff in the yard. We had some water balloon slingshots that we soon discovered could send the projectiles farther than were were expecting.

Here I am demonstrating that you don't really need three people to operate the slingshot.

Buddy wants you to think he drank a little too much water during the event, but he actually was filling water balloons with a hose.