Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hospital Photos

Life was good at the start of our stay in the hospital. This is pre-IV, pre-sputum extraction, and pre-everything else. All smiles here.

Napping . . .

Playing . . .

Here Anna is breathing some gas to induce a coughing fit. This was the first go around and Anna was still compliant at this point.

The hospital was great about little extras to make it fun for Anna. Just about every day a nurse would show up with a little gift bag or something fun for Anna.

Here Anna is looking out the window, but not asking to go outside. We were amazed that for three days she was fine with being confined to the room. It was as if this is how life is now and that is that.

Anna's one field trip from the room was to go get a CT scan. She was happy about it because she likes getting her picture taken.

CrazyMom arrived on Easter with Anna's Easter basket.

This was in the first half of the stay when Anna still trusted nurses.

With lots of time to kill, it is a great opportunity to get your hair done.

When they came to take do the last sputum extraction, Anna had hit the wall. She screamed and cried the entire time. This had the side benefit of getting her all worked up so she coughed better for them, but it was pretty painful. After that a nurse came in to take her vitals. Up to that point, Anna would raise her arm in the air showing her armpit to help the nurse out. This time she immediately covered her face to protect her nose and mouth and started saying "I don't want" in Amharic. After the vitals they came in with the first of two oral medications that she needed to take before she could go home. It was not pretty and they eventually gave up. The nurse ground up one of the pills and left it with me. I mixed it in some salsa and then dipped bread into the salsa and fed it it Anna. Then I started talking to Anna about going home to see her brother K.D. Up to that point she never wanted to leave, but the prospect of seeing her brother got her really excited. I showed here a syringe and told her she had to take drink one more thing and then we could go home and see K.D. She understood. When the nurse came back in she was skeptical, but Anna let her put the syringe in her mouth and she took a squirt of the medicine. Anna shuddered at the taste and began to turn her head and I reminded her this was the last one and then we could go see K.D. She gave a big smile and drank the rest down. The nurse was stunned.

Here the nurse is taking out her IV. Anna was so ready to go that as the nurse was giving me the departure instructions Anna was dragging the bags over to the door.

Now that it is all over, hopefully enough time will pass before Anna has to engage the medical community again. They say time heals all wounds. I don't think that is true, but I hope time helps in this case.

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Sherry said...

What a trooper she was! I would have been dragging bags to the door too! haha Hopefully her testing is negative...once they can get their act together to stop losing the labs! sheesh. Hang tough Anna!