Monday, May 28, 2012

The Hats that CrazyMom Wears

We discovered recently that we needed to know the blood type of everybody in the family for some of the paperwork related to moving to Kenya.  With no time to schedule a bunch of doctor visits, we contacted our local nurse - CrazyMom.  She ordered multiple home blood type kits and we had a family party last night by having CrazyMom prick our fingers.  Miss Bookworm used her knowledge from biology class to guess my blood type based on CrazyMom's and the kid's blood types, but Nurse CrazyMom still made me do the test.  I think she just wanted to stick me with a needle and watch me squirm.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garage Sale

When I sat down to read my email tonight, I found that Miss Bookworm had shared a Google Doc with me.  It is a busy time in our lives and so she decided to help out by writing an ad for the garage sale we are having Saturday.  It is always great when the kids find ways to chip in to help move us along towards Kenya.  Here is her ad:

Due to our impending departure from the country, we are (still) trying to get rid of the junk in our house. Junk being defined as anything we are not taking to Kenya, storing long-term, or filling our trashcans with. The method of junk-removal for this weekend is: garage sale. This means that you officially have a job in our departure. Get your friends, family and anyone you happen to meet along the way and come relieve us of our junk. And then come back for round two. (Don’t forget to borrow a truck!) Because we have a lot of stuff to sell, and if you don’t believe me, well.... you’ll just to have come and see for yourself. Our garage sale will be this Saturday (May 12) and it will last all day long. We will be selling everything from toys to dishes to furniture. So come one, come all to the Big Crazy Family garage sale!