Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1st Term Sports Roundup

There are many wonderful things about teaching here at Rift Valley Academy.  One of them is being able to have all of our kids play sports.  Back in the US, this was not possible because we could only manage about three sports teams a season.  There was just too much driving to different practice fields, different game locations, and all at different times.  Here at RVA every kid can play because he/she can walk to practice, walk to the home games, and ride the team bus to away games.  What a blessing.

This first term was girls’ basketball, which our girls had not played before but wanted to play to help them get into shape at 7,000 ft before soccer second term.  The girls survived the cuts at the beginning of the season and Miss Bookworm even got pulled up to varsity half way through the season due to a player getting injured on that team.  Varsity won their league and junior varsity made it to the final game, but came in runner up.

Miss Bookworm with the inside shot.
Ed bringing the ball up court playing point guard.
Ed driving the lane.
FG made the Junior High "A" team as a 7th grader and is making a baseline pass around a MUCH TALLER 8th grader.
Buddy made the Junior High "A" team as well as a 7th grader.
Little Foot taking a goal kick.
Little Foot making a move in the open field.
KD and Anna also got to play soccer, but I don't have any photos of them.  It was hard to get to the elementary school to watch them play when I was coaching JH soccer.  It was a great sports season and now the kids are anticipating playing sports in term two.

Making Do

“Ouch!” Little Foot exclaimed.  “Mom’s laptop just shocked me.”

Not believing him, I reached over and touched it myself.  Sure enough, the metal casing was hot.  I had recently hooked up a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that is basically a big battery that keeps the computers on when the power flickers on and off.  I had noticed that there was no grounding pin when I installed it, but I did not have one, and I don’t have a car, and if I had a car I would not know where to drive to get one.  So I installed it without grounding the system and figured everything would be fine.

Obviously it wasn’t.

So I made do with the materials at hand – a paper clip.  When I went to “install” the paper clip, I unplugged the UPS from the wall because 220v still scares me.  As I was working the paper clip into place – and trying to simultaneously answer the phone – I yelped as 220v passed through my fingers.  It turns out that even if a UPS is not plugged in it can deliver 220v because it is, after all, a big battery designed to do just that.

By the way, the paper clip is working out great.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

“Those of Us Who Do Not Have”

I was sitting in a community church service here in Kijabe, Kenya, when they took up an offering.  Upon completion, a man motioned for a woman on the worship team to offer up a prayer.  During her prayer she said something that touched me deeply.

“. . . for those of us who do not have, I pray that the next time you bless us you will remind us to give . . .”

I have been to many church services in my life, but nearly all of them have been in communities where the people were among the “haves” and not the “have nots.”  I had not heard such a prayer before nor have I experienced having nothing to give on a Sunday morning.  But now intermingled in our midst are “those who do not have” and I am just beginning to learn about what life is like for them.  May God grant me the eyes to see the needs around me and the wisdom to know how to share.