Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away

Wet, cold, and rainy. What is it with the weather? As we entered May, the rainy season here in Kenya began. Often, the rain will pound Rift Valley Academy all evening, all night, and all morning before taking a break for the middle of the day. Puddles grow in the road and we light fires nightly to keep away the damp.
Looking down the road through the fog

Despite the cold, the rain is a blessing to the people of Kenya. Kenya has recently suffered from severe drought. Crops have failed and food prices have risen dramatically. Butter has become almost entirely unavailable because the cows do not have enough food to produce the excess of milk needed for butter’s production. Kenyans throughout Northern Kenya suffer from lack of water. Where children who lined the roads previously crying “sweets, sweets,” they now shake their empty water bottles and cry “maji, maji” (water, water). We continue to ask for prayer for the people here who still lack water.

Although the rains have come, the food prices will not all drop immediately. Corn prices especially will remain high as it takes nearly a year before it can be harvested. This is a continual concern for KKC (visit KKC’s Facebook Page) as they provide corn and beans for lunch to 16,000 kids daily. Grain suppliers have traveled all the way to Ethiopia in search of grain to provide the program.  Please pray that sufficient funding will be given in order to pay for the meals at the new high prices.

Even with my thankfulness for the rain I find myself at times wanting to sing “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.” It is my prayer that I would continue to be grateful for the rain even when it may interfere with my plans or schedule, as I know that though I may have three meals a day, thousands of others wonder when the next meal will come.