Monday, March 19, 2007

Tough Kids

We in America sometimes get a little soft with our cushy lives. Having some kids join the family from Ethiopia can be a good reminder of that. At their tender age they have already experienced more grief and loss than what I have experienced in my life. And they have experienced this loss under conditions far less favorable than what I can fully understand.

I find myself, despite my best efforts, being a little bit harder on my birth kids. Having been to Ethiopia and seeing what I saw, I now expect my kids to eat the crust of their pizza before they get the next piece and the like. In some sense, I expect them to toughen up.

And then WHAM! It happens yet again to me. When will I ever learn???? Just as I point my fingers at the kids expecting them to toughen up, God points out the three fingers pointing back at me. (Yes, you have read that line before because it has happened before, and then before that, and again before that . . .)

The other day I took a lid off a pot that CrazyMom had delivered to the supper table and I pulled my hand back quickly because it was hot. F.G. immediately reach out her hand and grasped the lid and held on to it while she looked at me. Hard to miss that indicator that maybe I am the one that should toughen up.

Here is a photo from tonight of our tough (and yet sweet and delicate) F.G. carrying Buddy on her shoulders. I think he weighs as much as she does.


owner said...

Kayla said, "Boy, Grace is sure strong!" I agree the kids are sure a tough bunch.

El's mom (from Africa) and El can both put their hands in boiling water and pull out nuts or whatever they might be boiling at the time!! It reminded me of F.G. but she's so young I am amazed the heat doesn't bother her either! I sure feel like a wimp, now! :-)


Brent E. Long said...

Thanks for the "real" perspective, and the lessons that continue to come. I pray that F.G. is feeling better!?!?

CrazyD said...

Thanks for the comment, Kara. It got even better the next day. She carried the older girls as well on her shoulders. It was funny/impressive/scary to see her with someone taller, older, and heavier than her on her shoulders.

CrazyD said...

Brent - The lessons do continue to come at a pretty rapid rate. I am on a steep learning curve and most of it seems to be related to me reexamining my life.

F.G. is not up yet this morning. She had a little fever last night when she went to bed. We will see what the day brings . . .