Saturday, March 3, 2007

Being a Better Parent

Since we are currently enjoying the "honeymoon" stage, I have been thinking recently about why it ever has to end. If everybody loves the honeymoon stage so much, why leave it behind? I saw the seeds of change this morning as K.D. wanted something that Little Foot had and Little Foot pulled back. Up to this point, he would give K.D. whatever he wanted. And as I extend my finger to point at Little Foot, as it often the case, I notice the three fingers pointing back at me.

You see, I have been a better dad lately. I have been doing more of the "extras" that I have done at various times in the past. You know, the things like making sure I track down every kid (and mom!) whenever I leave the house or arrive home to give a hug. Being sure not to miss tucking the kids in at night. Catching the eye of my kids on a regular basis to help ensure that bonding is taking place. Not touching my office work from when I get home until supper and instead building blocks and reading with the kids. Now it would be wrong for me to do this for just the new kids, so I have been doing it for all of my kids of course. That is why adoption is making me a better parent of my birth kids.

The last few days have been wonderful, but I know it will change and a lot of it will be because of me. I must fight the temptation to stop doing the extras, to become complacent, to take for granted all of the small joys we share with our children. I hope I will not let the hectic pace of life seep in and contaminate my priorities. I hope I can be the better dad I have been lately for a long time.

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