Saturday, March 24, 2007

First Family Bike Ride

First of all, I was not planning on a family bike ride today. They are just too much work. I was in the basement working on my multi-year project of trying to complete the finishing of the basement when CrazyMom came to get me. All she wanted me to do was get her bike off the ceiling of the garage and put air in the tires. No big deal. So I went.

Well one bike led to another with a little air here and a few adjustments there. Pretty soon I was just one bike and a tag-a-long away from having everyone outfitted. I still was not that inclined, however. I had already done too many tires. But then Miss Bookworm came to me and I could tell she really wanted to do a family bike ride.

"Just think of it dad. We would all be together," she said.

So I went over and started taking the last bike (my bike) off the ceiling and the tag-a-long off the wall.

Of course, it was a great time. Here is a shot that CrazyMom got of 5 out of the 8 of us as we rolled down the road.

We pulled into a small park (more like a community play set) not too far from our house. (Try not to notice that we let our kids crawl up the outside of the slide.)

I can get engrossed in my work and it is nice to have a wife and child who don't leave me to rot in it, but come and rescue me from it.


owner said...

How fun! We had the same idea except El had to run along! :-) Hopefully, next time we'll all be riding! Looks like you all had a great time!


Kris Long said...

Looks like Brent and I will be running along side too, like El! However, it is only because we don't have bikes!!

Can't wait for a Family Bike Ride of our own.


Anonymous said...

Lol. At least the one is still wearing her helmet ;)

Came over from Owlhaven. Going to check out the archives.

Great family and great posts!