Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eating Ethiopian Style at Home

The first weekend back in the US CrazyMom cooked an Ethiopian meal. It was a big hit with F.G. and K.D. K.D. kept yelling "Dosysee! Dosysee!" Dosysee means "I love you" but we were not sure if he was talking to CrazyMom for making the meal or just stating how he feels about injera (the traditional Ethiopian bread).

We had doro we't (chicken stew), misr we't (lentil stew), alecha we't (vegtable stew), and iyab (lemony cheese mixture).

In the vein of over documentation, here is a short clip of CrazyMom serving it up.


Kris Long said...

One day I will be your source for delicious "just like home" injera. I am not there yet...but soon.


CrazyD said...

That would be great! If you can master injera, I am sure you can master just about any Ethiopian cooking.

By the way, will you offer delivery as well?

owner said...

Ty (Fitsum) LOVES watching all your videos. He gets such a kick out of watching Daniel, and we have to watch them a million times!


Anonymous said...

You can tell Daniel really enjoyed dinner this night. Hope he saved some for everybody else.

Lisa M