Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rough Day for Buddy

Buddy took a bad spill on his bike on Tuesday. He was wearing a helmet - but it was on backward and sitting too far back on his head. Here is a photo from Tuesday night before the scab and bruising set in.

Being a little gun shy of bike riding, he switched to basketball. He was proud of himself for shooting a few hundred baskets. As his reward, he got one of the biggest blisters I have ever seen on his toe. It packed so tight with fluid that it hurt at all times. When I suggested that I pop it with a needle, he was leery. (I told him one time that taking a splinter out of his foot with a needle wouldn't be too bad - and I was wrong.) But after another hour or two of pain, he agreed and within moments he was feeling much better.

Also, Wednesday was the first day of spring and Rita's Italian Ice gives away free a free "ice" (think of a slushy, but better) to anybody who shows up. So all eight of us hopped into the van and went in order to enjoy the unseasonably warm day we were having.


leisa said...

Hi, I have just found your blog through Mary's (owlhaven) list. We have 4 children and are waiting to adopt from Ethiopia. I will certainly enjoy reading all about your crazy big family. All your children look so happy and wonderful.
Leisa (Australia-you can visit us at

CrazyD said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I wish you the best of luck in your Ethiopian adoption.