Monday, March 26, 2007

How Long Does it Take to Adopt?

So how long does it take to adopt? Every one's story is different, but here is how it happened for us.

1. Decide to adopt (Time: 30+ years) This first step takes the longest. I recommend you get started on it right away.
2. Pick an agency (Time: 3 weeks) We picked an agency, then changed our minds and picked a different one. Be sure to talk to people who have used the agency you are thinking of.
3. Complete a home study and dossier (Time: 5 months) It should NOT take this long, but it did for us. In the end we spent a month waiting for a government agency to send us a letter we did not need.
4. Wait for a referral (Time: 0 days!) This is the beauty of adopting slightly older children -- there is no wait time for a referral. We identified the children we were adopting long before we had our dossier done.
5. Wait for a court date in Ethiopia (Time: 3 months) It should NOT take this long, but it did for us. This is the hard part because there is nothing you can do.
6. Wait for a U.S. Embassy date in Ethiopia (Time: 3 weeks) This is a busy three weeks as you buy airline tickets and make final travel arrangements to be in Ethiopia for the Embassy date.

All in all, from when we signed our agency agreement to when we brought our kids into our home was less than 10 months. Just about the same amount of time it takes to have a birth child.

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