Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bike Riding and Loving America

While we were in Ethiopia we noticed that we did not see any bicycles around. When we asked about this, we were told that people don't have bikes and they either walk and/or take the bus. Because of this, we assumed that our kids would not have ridden bikes before. While we were in Ethiopia they seemed excited about bikes (or "cycles" as they call them) by their reactions to pictures of our kids riding bikes.

Back in the US, F.G. got to "ride" a bike for a few moments inside another person's house. The next day at yet another friend's house, F.G. went outside with someone and in less than 15 minutes they came running in to tell CrazyMom that F.G. was riding. F.G. is athletic, but it is hard to believe she could begin to ride that fast. Hmm, maybe she did have some prior exposure.

The other day we had unseasonably warm weather and it was a great day to be outside and play. F.G. spent hours and hours on a bike. She was wobbly at the beginning of the day and riding like a pro at the end. Here are three short video clips that show the progression throughout the day.

Every time during the day that F.G. would ask if she could go ride her bike and CrazyMom said yes, F.G. would thank her, tell her she loved her, and hug her repeatedly. Then the other day F.G. indicated that she loved America and pointed to the back yard, the front yard, and then said, "cycle". So, I guess we can infer that what she loves about America isn't her great loving family, the wonderful meals, the new clothes, or the opportunity for education. It's the backyard, the front yard, and riding her bike.

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Kris Long said...

I love that little girl.