Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"To Grow"

Unpacking the Trip -- Part 2

When we were at the care center to pick up our kids, we got to spend several hours there where we played with the kids, signed papers, and ate lunch. One of the highlights for me was to go to the "class" that they had. There is a teacher/counselor who holds class with all of the kids. The class started with singing led by one of the older girls.

After the singing, there was a lesson about adoption. Notice in the picture below that the teacher wrote the word adoption in English on the board. I think she may have done that for my benefit.

From Ethiopia Trip...

One of the things she asked the kids (we later found out since the lesson was in Amharic) was why they were going to America. Our K.D. raised his hand and answered, "To grow."

Just two short words sums up the perspective of our new five year old on what adoption means. Having the opportunity to grow is something we take for granted here in America. While my birth kids never think twice about having this privilege, K.D. understands well that not all kids in the world are so lucky.

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