Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Off to Ethiopia; Emotions Run Wild

So here we are less than a year after we decided to adopt one young child from Ethiopia, getting ready to board a plane on Saturday to go meet and bring home two older children. All of the emotions that I feel - excitement, anticipation, love, trepidation, and inadequacy are all reaching a crescendo so that I almost feel numb. This day which has seemed frustratingly long in coming has now abruptly arrived and I feel unable to savor it fully.

And then there is THE EVENT to both anticipate and dread - meeting the children for the first time. Of course my rational brain places no stock in the significance of this event. Whether they cry, run and hide or leap with love into our arms will have no predictive power for the long years that lie ahead. And yet my selfish prideful heart wants the first meeting to be dreamlike, perfect.

And if I am asking the question, "Will they like me?", what must it be like for them? They must be wondering the same plus filled with even more fear as the unknowns are far greater for them then it is for us. They have no need to worry, of course, about our love for them. It is just a shame that it will be so long before we can communicate that to them in a language they understand. God's Word calls us to love in "deed" and not just "word". How interesting it will be when the only avenue that will be available to us is "deed".

May God grant us safety in our travels and the grace we need to pour out our lives in love for our new children as well as the many other Ethiopian people we will meet.

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Violetplumes said...

Here's to the big hearts!
God bless...all.