Friday, February 2, 2007

Other Ethiopian Adoption Blogs

On this long road to bringing home our two new children from Ethiopia, I've been on a bit of a mission to learn all that I can about the process, the travel to Ethiopia to get the kids and the adjustment process after we have them in our home. A huge source of information and encouragement has surfaced in the wonderful world of blogging. A few blogs I read fairly regularly are listed in the margin.

I only discovered Joy Portis' blog recently. She was in Ethiopia this past week to bring home her two new girls, a baby and an older girl, 9-10 years. Her blog is full of pictures and commentary about the trip and PRICELESS glimpses of F.G. and K.D. in the background of some of her photos.

I have been reading Erin H.'s blog on transracial adoption since October when she was in Ethiopia getting her 10th child (her 2nd adoption from Ethiopia). I love all the information in her blog and am inspired by her passion and love for children in need.

Burakayae is a blog that has been addicting on a variety of levels. Her journey to bring home her two kiddos has been long and hard and isn't over. Meanwhile, she's learned Amharic and perfected her injera-making skills.

The Ethiopian adoption blog is interesting reading too, with an emphasis on a wide-variety of topics related to parenting Ethiopian children, including hair care, attachment issues and lots of other good info!

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