Monday, February 26, 2007

Update from Ethiopia

(Note: This was an email update we sent out on Feb 22th while in Ethiopia.)

Hello All,

Things are great here in Ethiopia! What a great joy it is to meet two new children and begin to get to know their personalities. They are both beautiful and delightful young children. In American terms, K.D. is "all boy". He loves physical play and listening to music but dislikes meat and vegetables. F.G. is always studying us and mimicking what we do, wanting to learn our culture and what to do quickly. She is also a caretaker and we expect she played this role with the younger children at the care center. Her type A personality has her making her bed before she gets up in the morning with attention to every single wrinkle. What fun it is to get to know our children! We learned that K.D. means "you are my reward" and F.G. means "perfect". It's fun to know what their names mean. We haven't yet tried to explain to them about the American names we are considering, but hope to do that at some point.

On the one hand we wish we could stay longer to drink up more of the Ethiopian culture and on the other hand we wish we could go home today to see our family and start in on establishing a routine with our new children. It is certainly hard to convey the range of emotions we have experienced over the last few days – joy as we enjoy our kids and think about their future to grief as we catch a small glimpse as to what the future holds for many others. It will take some time to process all of the experiences we are having.

Yesterday we visited both the Hilton (an extravagant oasis where our kids got to swim for what appeared to be the first time) and AHOPE (an orphanage with over 70 HIV positive kids). Life in Ethiopia is a life of contrasts.

Attached are two photos. One is of the four of us before we went to the embassy and the other is the kids sitting on the steps of the guest house.

For His Glory,

CrazyD and CrazyMom

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