Monday, February 26, 2007

First Photos from Ethiopia

(Note: This was an email update we sent out on Feb 19th while in Ethiopia.)

Hello Friends and Family,

God has been so gracious to us! We have just completed our first day as "hands on" parents to F.G. and K.D. and what a day it has been! The good part of the day began at 10:15 am when we pulled up the drive at the CWA care center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and were ambushed by 20 sweet children, two of who clung to us like monkeys and kissed our faces repeatedly—the two calling us Mom and Dad. Sweet, precious children!

We stayed at the care center with them, playing, taking pictures, doing some paperwork and eating lunch until around 1 pm. Then we said our goodbyes and headed back to the guest house where we played inside and out the rest of the day. Both kids are bright and affectionate. F.G. is more reserved and polite and seems very mature – likely a bit older than 7. She enjoyed the memory game and UNO cards and made some detailed structures with play-do. K.D. is a chatterbox and all in a language we don't understand, but adorable nonetheless. He loves the cars we brought him to play with and the sunglasses, of course. Both kids (all 3 really – our friend's little guy too!) also are very attached to the CD players we brought for them. They'll really like them when we get some music in Amharic to which they can better understand the words.

We've had a great deal of language help from an older missionary couple who help run the guest house. They are a blessing indeed! We'd appreciate your continued prayers for the remainder of our trip.

CrazyD, CrazyMom, F.G., and K.D.

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