Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cold Day by Miss Bookworm

Cold Day
by Miss Bookworm

On a cold day-
it's a bold day-
when you're huddled up inside,
you feel the drawn-out power of
a good book in a land far away.
It grabs you and swirls you to your destiny,
while outside the winds howl fierce.
But you don't feel it, 'cause you're far away,
fighting powerful dragons
or exploring a cave-
never knowing, never caring, never giving a thought
to the winds though they blow fierce
nor the snow as it swirls around
trying ever so hard to get your attention,
but not you- no, 'cause you're safe and sound
now rescuing your princess, or finding a fortune
now drifting so gently, so gently, to sleep.

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Anonymous said...


I enjoyed this, you are very good. Write some more. Then publish them in a book. You have the talent