Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Broken Bone in Africa

“I know I am going to regret this,” CrazyMom was saying, “but I will let you guys go play at Titchi Court anyway.”

Little did she know.

CrazyMom and I were on our way out the door for a half day of professional development and the younger kids did not want to spend the afternoon at the house. CrazyMom was concerned about how well they would be able to get along off playing on their own. It turned out that that was not going to be the problem.

The problem ended up being that Little Foot fell while on his Heelys (shoes with wheels in the heels) and hurt his wrist. When we caught up with him later in the day we thought it might just be sprained, but the next morning there seemed to be too much swelling for a sprain. CrazyMom and an RVA nurse took Little Foot down to the hospital, which is just a couple of hundred yards from the school. Fortunately, there was an orthopedic surgeon who had just arrived in Kijabe from Oregon and while he was not scheduled to start work until Monday, the nurse called him at the house where he is staying and he came over to read the x-ray. We are certainly blessed to have access to such good medical care while living here at RVA, although we all hope not to be visiting the hospital on a regular basis. :-)

 P.S. You may be wondering how much a hospital visit costs here in Kijabe. The consultations, x-ray, and casting cost 7,915KSH, which is about $94 USD. No, that is NOT our co-pay. That is the entire bill. As cheap as this may seem, it is expensive for the nationals here and most of them need help from family and friends to be able to afford medical care.

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Anonymous said...

I hope little foot is feeling better now. From, Luke B.