Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Knife Thursday

“What? No knives today?” I asked one of my classes this afternoon. A chuckle swept the room as multiple kids reached into their bags, pockets, and belt holders and pulled out the knives they had on them.

If you have been reading my FaceBook wall you already know that Thursdays at Rift Valley Academy is the day that the kids bring their knives to school.  The first Thursday I was at RVA a student walked in with a Panga.  While I did not yet know about Big Knife Thursday, I had seen enough already to suspect bringing an 18” knife to school was not a problem – as long as the student was in dress code.

A Kenyan Panga

Now I thought that this was just a high school thing, but today in my 7th grade class I noticed a knife on a boy’s belt.  When I asked him about it, he grinned, stood up, and then pulled up his shirt a little to reveal that he had 6 knives on him.

And don’t think that it is just the guys.  As you can see below the girls are also ready to defend themselves against an attack by any baboons that might stray onto campus.

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