Monday, October 8, 2012

The Lounge

“Hi everybody.”  These are the words that I say whenever I walk into our bedroom.  Our new home here at RVA is wonderful, but in order to have a guest bedroom (for all of you to come visit us!) we decided to put the office in the master bedroom.

Now our master bedroom has become The Lounge.

I understand why.  It has a bathroom, a comfortable bed that is always made, a desk with a computer, the best wifi reception in the house, and there is almost always someone else there to hang out with.

On Thursday I came home and had to quickly change before going to coach a soccer game.  When I walked into my room Little Foot was helping Ed study on the bed, F.G. was on the computer at the desk, and Buddy and his friend were just milling around in the room because that was where everybody was.  I had to go into our closet and close the door in order to change.

A few days before that I had flopped down on the bed to rest for a few minutes and before the few minutes were up Miss Bookworm and a friend were in the room on their school issued laptops working on a project for class.  They complained that the wifi reception was not good enough out at the dining room table.

Things have gotten so bad that CrazyMom and I can’t have a conversation in our room because the traffic in The Lounge is incessant.  We have taken to retreating to the guest bedroom to have needed conversations.  The kids avoid the guest bedroom like the plague since that is where all of the clean laundry gets dumped that needs to be folded.

I am not complaining, however.  There are some perks to having your kids wanting to be in the same room with you all of the time.  But then again, when I asked Ed to put her backpack that was in the living room away last night because people were coming over, she picked it up and took it back to The Lounge.  :-(


Julie said...

Our office is in our guest bedroom....I gave up the separate office for the nursery the 2nd time around, and unless we have company, I can either sit at the desk and work or lay on the guest bed and work.....

Mama D’s Dozen said...

I think that you and Crazy Mom might just want to move into the guest bedroom . . . and just use the Lounge for your room when you happen to have guests. Just a thought . . .

Then, the laundry that needs folding can go on the bed in the Lounge, thus leaving it for the kids to fold before they are able to "lounge".

:) :) :)