Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Second Home

I am sitting around a campfire right now off somewhere in PA. Our family came here for some extended family reunions and opted for a campsite rather than renting two hotel rooms each night. It has been great, but it has caused me to reflect on our second home.

When I hear that someone has a second home the image that comes to mind is some nice place in a vacation-type spot – in the mountains, on a lake, or near the ocean. Sure the home may be a little smaller than their first home, but it is one of those magical places filled with so many positive family memories.

A few weeks ago when I was in New York State, I had the chance to talk with a missionary who worked with remote people groups in northern Kenya. When he was in Kenya, there were several other missionaries working in his general area and every once in awhile they would travel to the same spot to get together. He had a photo of a “village” with a couple of stick and mud homes of the local African tribe and then there were a handful of Coleman tents that the missionaries were camping in while they were meeting. The local Africa people thought the missionaries were so rich. All the missionaries had, after all, two homes.

Now I had never thought of our family tent as a second home, but I guess it is. It is a little smaller than our first home, but is often in a vacation spot and it is filled with so many positive family memories. I just needed to get a little African perspective on things in order to fully appreciate my second home.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE it! We, too, are one of the privileged few with a "2nd home". My children and I lived in it for a month last fall (as we traveled through 12 states); and we are now preparing for another month as we take our "vacation home" with us on another cross country tour.

Our "2nd home" is not stuck at some lake or beach front. Oh, no! We can take ours with us to so many different lakes and beaches. We surely are blessed!

Thanks for the new perspective!!!


Laurel :)