Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip to Rift Valley Academy

On the last day of school this year I attended graduation in the morning where I am teaching and then headed to the airport to go to Africa. As I was sitting with the faculty on the senior quad watching the graduation ceremony, I simultaneously felt more distant and more present. Thinking about my imminent departure made me acutely aware of all of the details around me.

The purpose of my trip was to visit Rift Valley Academy – a large boarding school in Kenya for the children of missionaries all over Africa.  Maybe it was an indicator of my lack of faith, but I was hesitant to head off to candidate week with Africa Inland Mission the next week without having the opportunity to stand on campus and see firsthand the work that the Lord is doing there. So I asked if I could “stop by” to check things out.

The trip was wonderful in so many ways. I had the chance to see the campus and meet a lot of faculty, staff, and students. It was a study of similarities and contrasts for me as I could not help comparing all of the different aspects of RVA to where I am currently teaching.

Here are a few photos of my trip that should help you get a feel for the school.

Above is the main administration building.  In front you can see a commemorative rock that was placed there on their 100 year anniversary.

This is the main academic quad.

A math classroom.  Go Math!

A chem classroom.  Go Science!  (OK, so I am partial to math and science.)

Look!  They even have computer labs.  (Note the nice thin client solution.)

Here is a second grade classroom.

Here is a rugby field.  The school is on a mountain so a field like this has a retaining wall on the left and an apparent cliff on the right.  In the distance is the Rift Valley.  It was great to be there during the rainy season when things were green.  Things get pretty brown during the dry season.

One last shot of a walkway on campus.  Not much is flat and with the 100 year history, they have a lot of beautiful trees on campus.

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