Monday, April 7, 2008

The Ongoing Name Saga

If you have read What is in a Name? then you know Anna’s name is not really Anna. You would also know there are some issues – oops, I mean mild variations in opinions – regarding her name. Here was the conversation at the supper table tonight.

Background information: The six older kids all have cups with their names on it. CrazyMom has been working on trying to find a matching one for “Anna.” To avoid confusion, __________ will represent Anna’s real name in our family.

CrazyD: Oh, I see you got __________ a generic mug. Couldn’t find one with her name on it?

CrazyMom: No. I even checked on ordering one, but they don’t have it.

CrazyD: Hmmm. I guess we could have gotten one with the name Anna on it.

(Editor’s note: That was a bad comment.)

CrazyMom: The last thing we need is to add more confusion about her name!

CrazyD: Did they even have a cup with the name Anna on it?

(Editor’s note: That was a bad question.)

CrazyMom: Yes. I was not going to tell you.

(Editor’s note: When your wife does not trust you with the information that there is a cup at a store with the name Anna on it, it is not a good sign.)

CrazyD: If we ever adopt again, we should just go to this rack of cups and look it over and pick out a name. We can’t have two generic cups in the house, you know.

Little Foot: Wait! I got it! You can just go on the blog and change Anna’s name to __________ and we can call her Anna at home. Then we can go buy her a cup with her name on it.

CrazyD: Now that’s a good idea!

(Editor’s note: This was a really bad comment.)

CrazyMom:                <-- Note the white space. That is silence.

CrazyMom: Or, we could go on the blog and call her “Cutie Pie” or something to clear up any confusion.

(Note to self – change the blog password ASAP.)


amy smith said...

don't know you, or your family, but laughing out loud, literally, at my computer right now....

Kris Long said...

Ahhh, yes...I can picture you all right now - very funny! Leave it to Little Foot to figure it all out.

Norah said...

Hahahaha! That was great!

Diane Guiett said...

I cannot stop laughing and knowing that I, too, have made those same types of communication blunders. This is blog is so much fun to read, as it is almost as if we are sitting at the table and hearing the conversations! Great addition by Little Foot!

mom2babybirds said...

That is so funny! I know I always want to ask how Anna is doing, even now that I know her name. By the way, Rich thought that she was absolutely adorable after having her in games last night. However, he came home telling me about _______, and I gave him a blank look. He started talking about Anna, and I knew exactly who he was talking about.

Leslie said...

Too funny! G had a similar experience looking for a mug in the store with her name. :)