Saturday, April 12, 2008

If I Want It, I Can Rationalize It

One of my popular posts from a year ago ( CrazyD’s Icca) was about my struggle with materialism. Well, I evidently got over it since CrazyMom and I recently made a large purchase.

One of the things that I love is that I can rationalize anything. For the last decade I have been providing arguments as to why we should NEVER own a trampoline. They are a leading cause for emergency room visits. They are big and ugly and sit out in your yard all of the time. We don’t have a good place in our yard for a trampoline. They are expensive. You get the idea.

Then the other day CrazyMom and the kids were at another house in the neighborhood and they had a great time on a trampoline. It was a sweet trampoline packed with all sorts of safety features. It had a clean, slick design which looked good. We had the perfect spot in our yard for one just like it. It was on sale at Costco. While it may seem expensive, since we have seven kids the cost per kid is quite low. It is imperative for home-schooling families to provide equipment that encourages physical activity. George Bush is sending me a check and he asked me to spend it to help stimulate the economy. I figure I can be an even better American by spending it before I even get it. You get the idea.

Here is the new view from the kitchen window. As you can see, we do have the perfect spot for a trampoline.


Anna Maupin said...

We used to have the same thoughts about a trampoline that y'all did. Two trampolines later, we won't be without one now!

In addition to all the good things you thought of, we've found it's hard to find something that better entertains our 4 year old and our 17 year old (and all ages in between!)at the same time.

As ugly as they are, we've put ours right outside the back kitchen windows so I can see the kids when they're on it - saves me from having to be out there all the time!

We even put our RABBITS on it to run around and get some exercise, too.

I love your blog! We just signed our application for 2 girls from Ethiopia. Hopefully a year from now I can add two more to the 5 kids already loving our trampoline.

Thanks for your blog ministry!

Anna (btw, this is my real name!): )

Innocent Observer said...

We were just saying to one another that the trampoline has BY FAR been the best bang for our bucks. My kids use it every day from spring to fall. Our insurance company had no problem writing a rider for it either when we emailed them pics of our stairway, netting, and locked yard. We've had it MANY years without incident. We have had broken bones on skates and bikes.

Enjoy. It's impossible not to. :)

Kelly said...

You'd better let Aunt Kelly test it out before any of the kids get on. When should I be over? :)

Kris Long said...

Oh great... now you will never get rid of the Longs.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest moving it to where you can see it clearly from the kitchen window? Otherwise, you'll have to stand out there the whole time to supervise. Fewer of those hospital visits that way :-)

CrazyD said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous. We don't know anything because we never had a trampoline before. We moved the thing to the left so we can see it better from the house. Now we just have to step out and yell rather than walk out.

Bethany Montgomery said...

Just an FYI: I heard in nursing school once that most trampoline related injuries are not from getting on or off, or from falling off the sides. Rather, they come from twists and sprains related to wild tricks and jumping into other people.

Just don't let the fancy "safety features" such as nets give you a false sense of security!

(Unless the safety features are what you need in order to let your kids have some fun, and in that case the false sense of security is at least a "practical" false sense of security. Ha!)

-Bethany and Joshua