Saturday, February 7, 2009

If I die, will you . . .

“If I die, will you cut the kids’ toenails?” CrazyMom asked me this morning when I came down from taking my shower. She was on the floor huddled over Buddy’s feet wielding a silver pair of toe clippers.

“Of course,” I said to reassure her. “They will probably be crawling all over me and cut me with their nails. Then I will line them up in the shop and cut all their toenails with some power tool,” I then said to un-assure her.

CrazyMom is not overly prone to worrying about the future, but occasionally when she is doing some task that she thinks I would never remember to do, she worries that if she were gone it would never get done. It is at these times that she says, "If I die, will you . . ." I wish that I had been writing down all of these critical items over the years.

Now if it is something that CrazyMom is particularly concerned about me doing if she were gone, she instead makes me promise.

“CrazyD, promise me that if I die you will check on the kids every night before you go to bed,” she says with a serious look.

You see, the last thing CrazyMom does every night is to go into all of the kids’ rooms and check on every sleeping child. With an arbitrary adjustment of the covers here or a moving of a stuffed animal there, no child is really down for the night unless he/she has had a final check by mom. Of course, I think she just does this because she has to see their faces one last time before bed. Being wired a little differently, I think their cute little faces look pretty much the same as they did two hours earlier when they were put to bed, so the imperativeness of the activity is lost on me. But that is precisely why she makes me promise. It is important to her that the final check is done and she is afraid I won’t do it.

“I will,” I say and although I am an honest and reliable individual, there still seems to be some doubt in CrazyMom’s eyes. Or maybe she is just thinking how it won’t be the same if she is not there to do it.


Laurel said...

Cute post.

I love the visual of the kids lined up in the shop, waiting for dad to decide which power tool would work best ... the electric sander, possibly?

who's DH does all the nail clippin' at our house

nineshoe said...

A Dremel! That's what my dh uses on the dogs' toenails! I loved your post. The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

Mary and Doug said...

The last bed check is definitely a "mom thing". I do it too! Great post.

Tracey said...

I just recently found your blog and I tagged you to tell us more about you...see my blog here

CrazyD said...

Thanks for tagging me, Tracy. I have a list of things I am wanting to write about and I will add this to the list. I am not sure it will happen soon, however.

Thanks again,


Julie said...

It's funny that I am also the nail clipper in our house and do the bed check (just 1 for now)...I'm also in charge of the nasal aspirator. Jon says he wants the little one to only have good memories of him and I can be the "mean" Mommy ;)