Friday, May 9, 2008

From Good to Bad to Worse

Enough time has passed that I think I can talk about what happened Thursday morning.

Note: I will not be talking about Thursday night when after I stood in the rain for an hour at Miss Bookworm’s soccer game, I entered the house expecting some sympathy from CrazyMom. Instead, I found her expecting sympathy from me. She had arrived home late from an appointment with six kids in tow and needed just five minutes to get the food from the oven to the table. Unfortunately, Anna threw up all over some blankets, the couch, and the floor after two minutes. CrazyMom was not looking good when I got home, but that is a different story.

Thursday morning I rose early and had the luxury of sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of coffee before anyone else in the house was up. Even by the time breakfast rolled around I was still so far ahead of schedule that I decided to cook. I was having a good morning.

I was in the pantry trying to clear a path to the back corner of a shelf to get to a container of oatmeal that had fallen over when things started going down hill. When I finally got my fingers on the container and pulled it toward me, the lid caught on the wire rack and oatmeal began to cascade down through multiple layers of wire rack shelving tinkling on of their contents. It sounded like those rain sticks they sell that are suppose to be therapeutic, but the effect was lost on me. All of the good vibes I had stored up for the day left me. My morning was now just OK.

After breakfast I reentered the pantry to deal with the mess. Evidently I was a little frustrated because my cleaning was vigorous enough that when I bumped a pan, it bumped something else which punctured a pop can. Pop started spraying everywhere taking advantage of all of the open spaces in the wire racks to wreak more havoc in the pantry. My morning went from OK to bad.

Quickly I started throwing things out of the way to try to get to the pop can without getting pop on my suit. I got a hold of the spewing can and ran from the pantry to head for the sink. When I emerged from the pantry I found the kids with a shocked look on their faces. Unfortunately, they were not looking at me. Rather, they were looking at K.D. who had spilled an entire glass of grape juice. My morning when from bad to worse.

Now, one would think that with as many spills as we have in our house, our kids would be pros and they would be considered “first responders.” I envision Mobile Exxon calling my family when a tanker runs aground because we are so good at mobilizing to clean up a mess. Of course, that is delusional thinking. Rather, my kids are great at looking on in shock as the grape juice runs off the table and splatters on a chair. Then, after a large enough pool has gathered, in horror they watch it run off the chair and splatter onto the floor.

I put the pop can into the sink and started cleaning up grape juice. CrazyMom came down from upstairs and was in disbelief over how much could go wrong in the two minuets she was gone. After cleaning up the grape juice we turned our attention to the oatmeal/pop mixture in the pantry, which happens to be a lot like a confetti/glue mixture. So much for being ahead of schedule.

The grape juice/oatmeal/pop and the vomit messes were not the only ones in the 24 hour span. As CrazyMom was trying to get out the door, she asked Ed to shake her coffee creamer to help her get her coffee-to-go cup ready. Ed started shaking the bottle so vigorously that it popped the lid off and went all over the kitchen.

Big family life comes with big messes. We know that. We were just hoping that they would be spread out a little more.


Jim & Laurel said...

Hope your Friday was better than your Thursday.

Laurel :)

jody said...

I am sorry that I spent the time reading this entry laughing-well, sort of sorry. I hope Friday was better :)

kate said...

If only this were a paper towel commercial and someone would swoop in with a paper towel that would clean up the entire spillage with only one sheet. ;>

The MSILF said...

Someday, you'll think back on these days as the best of your life!