Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meeting Anna

Over Memorial Day weekend, GrandpaD and GrandmaD came to visit us and got to meet Anna for the first time. Anna is such a sweet and loving child that she won their hearts in their first moments together. It was a wonderful weekend. Well, almost wonderful.

Anna was particularly drawn to Grandpa. The first night when I was putting her to bed she was concerned that she would not see Grandpa again in the morning.

Anna: Grandpa sleepy here?

CrazyD: Yes. Grandpa is going to sleep downstairs.

Anna: Grandpa sleepy downstairs?

CrazyD: Yes, Grandpa is going to sleep downstairs.

Anna: Grandpa sleepy downstairs?

CrazyD: Yes, Grandpa is going to sleep downstairs.

We repeated this for what seemed like forever until she was confident that Grandpa was indeed going to sleep downstairs and she would get to see him in the morning.

It had been a hard week at work and when I finally dropped into bed that night my body was heavy with weariness. After what seemed like moments, I heard something. I lay there very still hoping I would not hear it again. Then it came a little louder. It was Anna calling for us. My body felt like lead but I was able to move my head just enough to look at the clock – 2:30 am. Then Anna called again even louder and closer to tears. I lay there for another moment (like a loser) hoping that CrazyMom would hear and be the first responder. Anna was now reaching a crescendo and CrazyMom was still sleeping soundly, so I dragged myself out of bed and went into Anna’s room.

Anna: Grandpa sleepy downstairs?

CrazyD: Yes, Grandpa is sleeping downstairs!

I was not happy. After a few more reassurances, Anna lay back down to go to sleep and I was able to go back to bed. Anna did not call again until 6:30 am. When I walked into the room there was no “Good morning!” or “Nice to see you, Dad!” Instead it was a demanding “Where is Grandpa?!” She evidently thought I must have been lying to her since the sky was already getting light and Grandpa had not yet come for her.

As adoptive parents you hope that the grandparents and the adoptive child forge a strong bond. Well, be careful what you hope for because you just might get it.


Cristi said...

That is so sweet, and music to a granparents ears!

jody said...

Ugh-i totally know that "lie still and don't move and the noise willl go away" feeling in the middle of the night-and how you sudden;y become the sworn enemy of your spouse for their audacity in continuing to sleep through it-and admit I've been the one who has slept through many an incident as well!! ahh parenting, such a wonderful gift-just not in the middle of the night!!!!

Darcy said...

What a beautiful tribute to the Grandparents. Can't wait to be one!

darci said...

too funny! oh well, i'm sure daddy still ranks pretty high up there. :)

Norah said...

What a sweetie : ) I think Nanna and Poppa come first on the list here, then Mama and Daddy. When my son gets hurt he cries for Nana and Poppa and when my daughter wakes in the night she asks for them!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. I just love your Anna. I can see her and Hiwot just being at it. I think my Hiwot is a feisty one like her. What a great blessing to add to your family. Can't wait to read more of your blog. Andrea from AAI