Monday, May 19, 2008

Food Crisis in Ethiopia

I normally don't post news articles here, but I feel compelled to do so now. This first article crossed my desk yesterday and mentions the conditions in Shashemene, which is very near Sodo where our kids are from. One of our kids actually lived there for awhile. This article cuts to the heart in me since CrazyMom and I were just there in this area and I can see the faces of the children in my mind.

Children Dying in Drought-Stricken Ethiopia

Then today another article crossed my desk with this opening sentence:

Ethiopian mother Ayantu Tamon has lost a child to hunger every year for the last four and now cradles her severely malnourished and weakened three-year-old son Hirbu in her arms.

Here is the full article: Drought returns to haunt Ethiopia

May we all find a way to hear and respond.


Abera said...

As much as I don't want to get you involved in Ethiopian politics, you are more Ethiopian than I am,as you are raising three of them and I am compelled to tell you what is going on.

First, this is man made, nothing to do with god. Ethiopian current leaders are waging failed insurgency war that was tried by the previous regime Mengistu, that caused devastating famine in the 1980's. That managed to alienate the Tigrayians (current rulers) and was the cause of Eritrea going independence.
The sad thing is, Meles managed to sell this atrocities to America as fight against terror, America is complicit in this error.
I will leave you with the recent New York Times article (page2) that states extracts from aid group report, starvation is being used as a tool.

here is an article from 1988 just change the names, but same scenario

American aid goes to buy armaments from North korea breaking UN sanctions. The rest goes to buy flash cars for the elites and propping the government. ews/arms.php

Atrocities being excused by the current US assistant Secretary of State

I can go on, but this gives you the idea.

Anonymous said...

Abera - When I was in Ethiopia, words were sometimes spoken in hushed tones off in corners about such things. Anytime someone glances around to check to see who might hear them before telling you something about the government, you know things are not good. In addition, I noticed certain web sites were blocked in Ethiopia to control the information reaching the people. Also, the Tigrayians seemed to be favored in the allocation of resources. In a recent move, it now appears that the government is going to start limiting aid provided by NGOs.

My heart breaks for the people of Ethiopia. The issues seem so large I do not yet know how to respond. I pray that God will show me what role I should play in helping the people of Ethiopia.

Abera said...

I feel the same way. What frustrates me is, people who should know better (American politicians like Senator Inhofe seem hell bent in exacerbating the situation). A lot of the politicians have idea what is going on, as you said all blogs are censored, VOA and German radio etc are jammed so no one knows what is going on outside, the election was stolen, yet year on year military and aid is being increased on the guise of fighting terror, that so far has produced more enemies than curbing the situation and creating the famine situation both in Ethiopia and Somalia.
There was a huge debate in congress that has been going since 2007 and now is in the senate about this issue
by the looks of it, it is not going anywhere.

We can only inform people of what is going on and prevent the preventable and leave the rest to God.

amy smith said...
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amy smith said...

praying God will show me how to respond... what has been seen, cannot be unseen.
thank you for seeing as well.

Eric and Michelle said...

This breaks my heart.


Christopher said...


Thanks for the comment post. And the additional information on the "Food Crisis in Ethiopia"