Wednesday, December 26, 2007


For the last decade or so we have always been on the road for Christmas. This year, due to the way the schedule worked out, we were able to be home for F.G.’s and K.D.’s first Christmas in America. We went to church on Christmas Eve and then came home, built a fire, read the Christmas story, and then slept “under” the Christmas tree. It was fun to wake up in the morning and to not have to drag myself out of bed to go down and open presents. I was already there. Here are some fun shots from it all.


Kris Long said...

Hey Crazy D - Brent got THAT SAME cool tool belt! And I got one to wear as an apron in the kitchen. Lucky us!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if any of the tool belts or aprons would make the tree. Merry Christmas.

Lori Smith said...

Your family is DELIGHTFUL! Thank you so much for the Christmas card. I was completely surprised since I am not actually an adoptive parent...and that was my connection to you.
I am thrilled to hear you are moving along so "quickly" to bring home your little daughter. I cannot wait to see her in pictures...and FAMILY PHOTOS!
I will be praying for your whole family as you travel and add yet another blessing to your clan!
With love,

Pastor Kurt and JoLynn said...

Hi there...I found your blog from another blog. We are pastors adopting from Ethiopia. I,(JoLynn) love photography and think you have the most beautiful pictures on your blog. Could you tell me what kind of camera you have? I have a Pentax digital SLR and it doesn't take that clear of pictures...especially inside. I"m sure it's the operator, not the camera. Could you let me know what kind you have? I want good pics when we go to Ethiopia this year. OUr blog is
I would love any suggestions. BTW, you have beautiful children! Enjoyed your blog! I am also trying to figure out how to upload video from our digital minidvd camera.! Blessings to you and your family!
ps are you on the christian ethiopian adoption board?

CrazyD said...

Hi JoLynn - Thanks for the compliments. The pictures in this post were mostly shot with a Canon Rebel. When shooting inside, I often point the flash more towards the ceiling (for a bounce flash) and have a tin foil covered index card on the back of the flash to help direct some light forward as well. Direct flash is often too harsh for my liking.

I have not heard of the christian Ethiopian adoption board. Do you have some more information on this?