Saturday, December 15, 2007

Update on Anna

Now that CrazyMom and I are in the middle of adopting again, we have a better idea of what to expect. This does not make the waiting any easier.

The first phase of adopting is bearable because YOU are doing things to make it happen. You are running here and there collecting endless notarized signatures attesting to your worthiness. If you want to make your adoption happen faster, you can run around faster, make persistent calls to dislodge papers languishing on desks, or pay more to Fed-Ex documents around.

But then you complete your dossier and send it in. It is done. There is nothing more that is in your control. All that is left to do is to wait while your paper work travels the world and sits on unknown desks. Weeks go by and you wonder, "What if it has been put on the wrong pile?" or "What if it has fallen off the pile onto the floor?"

But then a glimmer of hope comes. Our glimmer came in the form of an email from our agency.

Subject: Group Z

Hi CrazyD and CrazyMom,

I have been informed that your case was submitted to court and included in Group Z. The court date will be scheduled for early January. Once your case successfully passes court, you will be able to travel to Ethiopia approximately 4 weeks later to bring home Anna (most likely early to mid February).

Thanks and congratulations!

Just a few lines of text and yet the landscape has shifted. Our paperwork has not been lost. Something must be happening somewhere which means someday Anna will come.

May that day come quickly.


Anonymous said...

awh...hurry home anna! great post. jcn

mom2babybirds said...

That's great news. I was just wondering how everything was going.