Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Thanksgiving

“It is fun?” F.G. was earnestly asking CrazyMom. F.G. knew Grandma R and Grandpa R were coming and that the other kids were excited, but she could not figure out why.

“It is fun if you like to eat,” said CrazyMom.

F.G. gave up on trying to figure out what the big deal was about having a meal and decided just to wait and find out.

Well, it was a BIG meal. CrazyMom did not hold back at all. At the end of the meal she said, “So that was it. Was it fun?” F.G. agreed that it was.

K.D. did not think so, however, because of a new discovery he made at the thanksgiving table – stuffing. When he asked for his fifth serving, I gave it to him. It is hard to tell anyone no when you are not saying no to yourself. Well, for the rest of the day he walked around the house saying that his tummy hurt as he gingerly held his stomach with both hands. It was a good lesson, I suppose. At supper the next night he asked for more food and then, after a moment’s reflection, decided against it.

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