Monday, December 24, 2007

December Photos

Just a few photos to share. We made our annual trip "down south" to our favorite Christmas tree farm. It was a perfect day - great packing snow on the ground and a warm sun in the sky. F.G. made a little snowman which she hauled all the way back to the front. F.G. then walked up to the manger scene they had set up and set her snowman down next to the wise men. It was just the right size to fit in.

Every year CrazyMom and some of her friends get together to make sugar cookies with all of the kids. Imagine 17 kids, flour, frosting, and those dreaded sprinkles. Now that you have that picture in your head maybe you can understand why the men gathered at a different house to work on finishing a basement. Here is a shot of one of the tables.

Our kids never cease to amaze us with the things they dream up. F.G. and Little Foot were outside playing in the snow and somehow they ended up making a large snow head for Little Foot. It was all fun and games until Little Foot got a little off balance and the weight of the snow head pulled his real head backwards to the ground. He didn't put it back on after that . . .

F.G. and K.D. got the idea of dressing up one day and went all through the kids' drawers looking for clothes of the right color. K.D. is a reindeer and F.G. is a Santa worker. She tried riding K.D., but it did not go so well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Crazy People! :-)
Greetings from your old (former) prof at TU -- and fellow quiz coach with the still-youthful-Sheri! I just spent a quiet hour on this Christmas evening reading your blog (thanks for the address in your Christmas letter) and thanking God for people like you to love some of the lost children. Paul and I were in Zambia 18 months ago and it changes your perspective forever, doesn't it??

Anyway -- it was great fun to peek at your lives. Hilary and I talked about the way you breezed through the actuary exams, Sheri, just this past weekend. She is studying for the third exam now and hoping it goes well. She is at Auto Owner's Insurance.

Mark -- your writing is beautiful -- but it always was. I remember that the wit in your hated comments was such fun to read. I'm hoping you've forgiven me by now for some of the stuff I made you do which you hated....Teaching can give you a slightly differnt view, right??

My personal email is

What I'm amazed at tonight is the swiftness with which the years pass. You used to babysit for our little ones - -who were about the ages of (some of) your brood. Now our eldest is 31 and youngest is 25 and I am considering retiring in 5 years. I don't feel any different - -or older -- inside -- but the external signs are unmistakeable!!

Thanks for sharing -- Because of Jesus -- Connie