Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pieces of Our Hearts

We hopped in the car after church today and drove 1 1/2 hours away to visit the very first foster child that we had in our home four years ago. It was great to see her. It is not too often that we get to do that now that she is in a different town than us.

There are many great benefits to fostering. One of them is having the opportunity to give of yourself and build into the lives of children. But you also have the opportunity to receive a new richness in your life that comes from having your life become intertwined with so may others. Yes, your life will be "harder" since you will have to give a piece of your heart away each time a child leaves, but "richer" as well. We count it a privilege to have known and loved each child that has passed through our home.

So consider contacting your local children services agency, not to foster, but just to do a little volunteering. That is how my wife and I got started so many years ago. We simply volunteered in a program similar in style to the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program. But do be careful! After a few years it led to fostering, which led to adopting, which led to . . . who knows what is next?


brentandkris said...

The plate of Ethiopian food is very impressive! I am glad you showed that one first. Should I be humiliated by the pathetic injera display at the bottom? I promise to get you a better footage - just give me time.

CrazyD said...

You should be proud of your first attempt at injera, not humiliated! I am sure you will get better.

By the way, I saw that it was a bit confusing which "comment" link went with which "post". I changed the template a little to make it clearer.

brentandkris said...

I appreciate your taking my special needs into consideration. Lets pray I don't let it happen again, we will all be worried.