Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It happened! We are officially a family of 8!

We just got the great news that the court date in Ethiopia was successful and that F.G. and K.D. are now officially part of our family (at least, according to the Ethiopian government).

This means that we will soon be traveling to Ethiopia to meet them and bring them back. The next thing that we need to wait for is a date with the US Embassy. We will then travel to be in Ethiopia on that date so we can take the kids to the embassy and get visas for them to travel back to the US with us. Our best guess at the moment is that we will travel sometime in February.

Before I got married I had a good friend who told me that after I was married, I would experience emotions that I had never felt before. He was right. The same thing happened when Sheri and I had kids. Once again there were new feelings that we experienced that we had not had before. Just when you think that you have experienced it all, again we find ourselves experiencing something new. Intense love freely mixed with both anxiety and anticipation. It is like expecting a child, I suppose, except that these children have already been shaped in so many ways that we may never know.

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