Friday, January 12, 2007

The Vision

We decided that as an initial step towards doing something about the orphan situation in Africa, the way that we could help out was to adopt. We had this thought that the journey we are on might not just involve us. Wouldn't it be great if a group of families, maybe 10 or so, would adopt children with us? Adopting from Africa would make our family look different than many of the other families we normally hang out with and how great it would be if a group of people we knew also adopted. Then the adopted kids, when they looked around them, would see other families that looked like their family. There would be a support network for us as parents as well as the kids.

So we set off to talk to our friends about adopting from Africa. It turns out that God was already working in the hearts of some and starting to work in the hearts of others and there are now multiple families in the process with us. But that is their story . . .

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