Thursday, July 21, 2011

A dream deferred; a dream realized

Cruising down the highway, I looked to my left and saw the perfect country home passing by. The wrap-around porch, the lane lined with trees, and the well-manicured garden caused me to wince. I glanced over at Crazy Mom and we exchanged a knowing glance – this was a dream deferred.

That was a year ago, only a few weeks after we had made the formal commitment to move to Kenya to teach at a school for the children of missionaries. While we were thrilled to be going, we were also experiencing feelings of loss as we were laying aside things once dreamed of.

Then, last November we received a call that our departure date for Africa had been pushed back a year to the summer of 2012. While we were initially disappointed, it did allow for us to lay plans for another dream that we had always talked about but never done – a big camping trip out west.

We are now living that dream. A few days ago our family played along the shore of Lake Superior as we camped in the Upper Peninsula. The days to come should be exciting as they carry us farther and farther west.

The race is on.

Buddy skipping rocks.

Enjoying the sunset


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We would LOVE to meet you if you make it out to Washington. You are welcome to come visit ... stay the night ... meet us at the zoo ...

Laurel :)

lizzeroo said...

I live in the Upper Peninsula in Marquette! I'm hope you enjoyed your time here. It's beautiful! I would be interested to know where you camped.

CrazyD said...

Hi Laurel - It would be great to see you, but we will only be as far west as Yellowstone. Thanks for the offer!

CrazyD said...

Hi Lizzeroo - We camped at Bay Furnace (site #13). If you ever go there, try to get site #9 or #10. Those sites are right on the waters edge.

Bev said...

if you guys swing by AZ, let us know. We live in Tucson.