Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends are Friends Forever

I heard the “Friends are Friends Forever” song so often when I was in high school that a wave of nausea would sweep over me every time it was played. It has been decades since I have thought of the song, but it came to mind a few days ago when my family got to visit some old friends on our trip. Even though 11 years had passed since we had seen them last, we were able to slip right back into meaningful friendship. I suppose this is what Anne of Green Gables calls “kindred spirits.” In some ways our paths have departed over the years with us having seven children and they having one. But in many more significant ways our paths are the same – each striving to live for the Lord.
Mr. V giving some instructions before we launch into Lake Michigan.

Crazy Mom off to gather together her ducklings.

Going downtown for ice cream.

The gang at breakfast.

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