Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the lights come on

We have been without power for the last three days in our house as a result of the remnants of hurricane Ike passing through town. There is so much I could tell, but here are a few random happenings.

We lost our favorite tree in the front yard and it took out a large section of our second favorite tree on the way down. The sense of loss that I felt over the trees was mixed with a real sense of appreciation that I was 1200 miles from where Ike came ashore. The Ike/Texas photos that I had so quickly passed over in the paper from earlier days I now found myself lingering over and feeling a bit more compassion for those affected by the hurricane.

There is nothing like a day off school for the kids with perfect weather. The kids had a grand time cutting off branches from the downed tree, hauling it all to the back yard, and then making a fort. You can’t plan any better fun than that.

Necessity is the mother of invention. CrazyMom was bummed because the power went off before she could cook the homemade lasagna that she had thawed out. We ended up grilling it. We put it on the grill with a pan beneath it and then regulated the temperature just like an oven. It worked great.

It is hard to wait for the sun to come up to start your day. This morning I got up, retrieved the paper, warmed some coffee on the gas stove, and then settled back into bed to read the paper to try to find out how long it would be until we got power. CrazyMom thought it was pretty funny and took a picture of me with my four candles and lantern. Who knew that those monks who lit a ton of candles in their monasteries actually needed them all to see well enough to read?

So after three days of no power, we returned from a soccer game to find all of our lights on. Now it is back to the same old routine of hollering at the kids all of the time to turn the lights off.


Diane G said...

We thought about you last night, wondering how the 9 of you were doing and if your electricity came back on. Hard to do those daily things, but ingenuity will enable us to make the best of a difficult situation.

Andrea said...

I just can't believe it hit you guys down there so hard. So glad the power is back on. Can't imagine the laundry that's ahead of you now!